Ghost B.C. - Secular Haze

  • Publicado el 18 feb 2013
  • "Secular Haze" from "Infestissumam" available for download now:
    Music video by Ghost B.C. performing Secular Haze. (C) 2012 Seven Four Entertainment, LLC and Universal Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Ccain
    Ccain Hace 2 años +3913

    Imagine if Ghost didn't exist - finding this on a random, unmarked VHS tape in a cave or some shit.

    • NICO9000
      NICO9000 Hace 18 días

      They already did that kinda. See the video for “Kiss the Go Goat,” which imagines the band in 1969 at the Whisky a Go Go. Really funny and a homage to the 60s. Tobias looks like he’s channeling The Crazy World of Arthur Brown of “I am the God of Hellfire!” infamy.

    • S T A T U S Dead
      S T A T U S Dead Hace 29 días +1

      When i found thats what it was i thought it was a weird 70s band lol

    • ElevatedGrub Gardens
      ElevatedGrub Gardens Hace un mes +2

      They have been rocking since 1969

    • Jack Who?
      Jack Who? Hace 2 meses

      "Oh god the demons are planning to be better than us at music"

  • El Gordo Bandito
    El Gordo Bandito Hace 3 años +205

    I will always love Ghost for looking like a Norwegian black metal band, then sounding like something you'd hear in the background of a Scooby-Doo movie. Never, ever change!

    • Stetsonbryl Overwatch
      Stetsonbryl Overwatch Hace 19 días

      norwe... nor... i-

    • CrueLoaf
      CrueLoaf Hace 19 días +1

      @The Seer I agree. Although their recent single, ‘7 inches of satanic panic’ sounds 70s.

    • The Seer
      The Seer Hace 19 días +2

      @CrueLoaf well their earlier stuff was very 60s and 70s where their later stuff was more 80s.

    • CrueLoaf
      CrueLoaf Hace un mes +1

      They sound very 60s. Cool!

    • Sue Zuccati
      Sue Zuccati Hace un mes

      @Tomáš Rutar the perfect band

  • thegothaunt
    thegothaunt Hace 4 meses +80

    The year is 2022. I am STILL laughing at the fog rolling in and then Papa II just slowly scooting backwards. It just makes me LOSE it!
    That being said, this is one of my favourite music videos of all time. It's perfect. I LOVE getting to watch the bassist play the whole time!!

    • Walter Moldren
      Walter Moldren Hace 17 días

      this is what got me into Ghost. i kinda wish they kept that "band from the 70s that you heard of, but never really listened to yet" theme going.

    • davis28905
      davis28905 Hace un mes

      My favorite band either. I guess the Devil really is the master of music.

  • Vitor Morais
    Vitor Morais Hace 3 años +527

    You know that the fog is here omnipresent
    When the diseases sees no cure
    You know that the fog is here omnipresent
    When the intents remain obscure
    Weave us a mist
    Fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows
    Unfathomable wall-less maze
    A secular haze
    You know that his son is near omnipotent
    When she sees eye to eye with spears
    You know that his son is near omnipotent
    When youth and innocence disappear
    Forever lost
    Weave us a mist
    Fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows
    Unfathomable, wall-less maze
    A secular haze
    He is divinity omniscient
    Seeing the world revolve with spite
    The surge of humanity oblivious
    To the divine whom bringeth light
    Let there be night
    Weave us a mist
    Fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows
    Fog weaver
    Come, mist eternal
    Come, mist eternal
    Come, secular haze
    Ghost - Secular Haze

    • 2020 Ford Explorer ST
      2020 Ford Explorer ST Hace 3 meses

      Thank you mate!!!

      ALICE RIOS Hace 6 meses +1

      💯 kool 😈 Thanks a bunch🖤🤘\m/
      nemA ( THE RITUAL GAL)

    • ramm mer
      ramm mer Hace un año +30

      You sir, and everyone who comments lyrics on music videos are the Best

  • redhotchilifan98
    redhotchilifan98 Hace 3 años +821

    Legit one of the coolest music videos ive ever seen the grainy 70s filming makes it look so old school i fuckin love it this band is just beyond kickass wish i had found them earlier

    • Fiveash-Art
      Fiveash-Art Hace un mes +1

      @CrueLoaf "Cheesy" = corny, saccharine, overly produced, .. think late 80s Hair Metal. I'm all for nostalgia .. and I know a lot of younger people may look at that era and think it was cool. But for me, it's just not something I like to remember too often ... Some of it.. but not most of it. I didn't like it growing up, and I still don't. 😂

    • CrueLoaf
      CrueLoaf Hace un mes

      @Fiveash-Art I know what you mean. Although I never understood the term cheesy. :)
      Does it mean arena sounds. Punching the air?
      But yes. Quirky, cult-band Ghost are most interesting. Kind of wanna play them on a scratchy piece of vinyl.
      His lyrics are still good though.

    • Fiveash-Art
      Fiveash-Art Hace un mes +1

      @CrueLoaf I don't think they've progressed .. They're just full on cheese now, but not in a good way ... They've probably widened their audience and I'm sure that's good for them overall ... They still sound great, .. I'm just not into the newer stuff. It's more "Transformers the Movie" opposed to "Blue Oyster Cult" ... I like the deeper 70s early 80s retro stuff ... 1986 just isn't as interesting for me. 😁 .. just a preference though

    • CrueLoaf
      CrueLoaf Hace un mes

      @Fiveash-Art they have progressed. However the seven inches of satanic panic was a good release and they play both songs live!

    • Fiveash-Art
      Fiveash-Art Hace 3 meses

      @ShanTheMan na .. not this one. But they're full on 80's arena/anthem rock now ... I liked their funkier older stuff better. They're stuck on repeat these days in my opinion.

  • Julie Gogola
    Julie Gogola Hace 3 años +1260

    Either Papa has a seductive voice or I'm just prone to loving the voice of an evil dude from Sweden, I am thinking it is both.

    • Julie Gogola
      Julie Gogola Hace 9 meses

      @Mohamed Akhbar I gave a quick listen to KD song "Halloween" and liked it alot. I really made me think of the British band Judas Priest, or really Rob Halfords voice. And also basically anybody who can sing like Rob Halford. I THINK I had seen KD in Heavy metal magazines back in the 1980's. BUT, I had kinda stuck with the bands that were my favorites back then, and for some reason, I never really gave KD a chance.
      I loved Metallica, Iron Maiden, WASP, Ratt, Motley Crue, Ozzy, well, basically, I had my favorites, and it would take me a while to "warm up" to a new band. I'm sure that I had missed out on many great bands. I still love Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson solo, Metallica and I'd go on, BUT, i doubt that anybody REALLY gives a crap to hear it all anyway. later.

    • Mohamed Akhbar
      Mohamed Akhbar Hace 9 meses

      Ah... Sweden.. try King Diamond

    • Julie Gogola
      Julie Gogola Hace un año

      @Deathmessenger Nice profile pic :)

  • Emil Christensen
    Emil Christensen Hace un año +45

    The shoddy camerawork is what really sells it to me. A lot of music videos use a VHS effect, but don't go all the way, so you end up with something that's arranged, choreographed, lit, shot and cut like a typical 2020 video with a filter slapped on. This one set and two cameras really impress me! They totally created a feel that only the music or the guitars would give it away that it isn't lost footage or something.

  • kinda-grump
    kinda-grump Hace un año +133

    I remember seeing this for the first time and being THOROUGHLY confused. It just popped up one night when I was watching a bunch of music videos on TV, and I was enthralled from that moment. I looked into the band and found out they were releasing Infestissumam in about a month or so. 7 years later, I am so happy I found this band, they shaped me into the person I am right now.

  • Baantu Sikorski
    Baantu Sikorski Hace 5 años +464

    Whoever made this video spent A LOT of time studying the idiosyncrasies of rock music videos from the 70s. The camera shots and zooms, going in and out of focus. The stage and lighting, etc;
    Like a weird dream like version of Don Kirshners Rock Concert.
    Well done!

    • Rafael
      Rafael Hace 2 meses +1

      Tobias himself is like a super hardcore fan of 70s rock music so most of it probably was his idea

    • Annoyed Platypus
      Annoyed Platypus Hace 7 meses +2

      Cursed episode of American Bandstand

    • voteZDLR
      voteZDLR Hace 2 años +3

      It's almost as if... holy shit... the guy who makes music videos... studied music videos? But... that's preposterous. That makes no sense at all! Bullshit! Good day to you sir! Good day!

    • Luca Mckenn
      Luca Mckenn Hace 2 años +5

      Everyone involved in and with Ghost have a passion for music in general that's uncommon amongst the waves of mediocrity propped up by the industry, pop, rap, country, etc. Easy and shallow music for trite morons. I love that Ghost has used the pop formula to not only rise in the ranks and gain followers, but they're literally tainting the sanctity of the industry (or so they think) and I love it.

    • Amanda C
      Amanda C Hace 3 años

      Yes! Everything about this is perfect.

  • Julie Gogola
    Julie Gogola Hace 3 años +270

    They ARE real metal, just a smooth sounding metal. I LOVE GHOST anyway, who cares IF someone else doesn't get it?

    • Solid Sk8er
      Solid Sk8er Hace 2 meses

      @marc3l_88 ok I'll totally check them out

    • marc3l_88
      marc3l_88 Hace 2 meses

      @Solid Sk8er Try with portal, similar aesthetic, but they actually sound like they dress.

    • Leonardo Seixas
      Leonardo Seixas Hace 2 meses


    • LeadMe2TheBliss
      LeadMe2TheBliss Hace 3 meses

      Sometimes it takes people a while to understand the true appeal of a certain band.

    • Fiveash-Art
      Fiveash-Art Hace 3 meses

      @Samuel Young I always thought of them or described them as prog rock .. .they're really difficult to nail down since they're kinda all over the place when it comes to style. Their new stuff just sounds like radio rock to me .. this new record and the last ain't doing it for me. Their first three records are the bomb though

  • Issiah Fuentes
    Issiah Fuentes Hace 4 años +85

    I really miss the way ghost presented themselves around when this came out. This song is a good representation of the mysterious and trance like vibe they had with infestissiumam

    • FDAL00709 l
      FDAL00709 l Hace un mes +1

      @Saraiva Toledo you know spmeone likes metal when they say something like this. PLEASE STOP having these thoughts. They serve nothing and dont help you appreciate all the music a band makes! Even if this is their strongest album, theres still great material on every other album

    • Saraiva Toledo
      Saraiva Toledo Hace 2 meses

      Last true Ghost album . This was the line up which understood good old school hard progressive rock / heavy Metal . Was all downhill from here .

    • Mr A
      Mr A Hace un año +1

      @Harbinger it has everything Ghost is combined into one album basically imo, I also think it's their best so far!

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger Hace un año

      Idk who people love Meliora,for me it was really weak at all.

    • Alejandro Berrios
      Alejandro Berrios Hace 2 años +3

      I completely agree with you that musically Meliora is their best album, and by far, love nearly every song on it; I think it’s their best produced album as well but I agree with the OP, Issiah, that papa 2 and his ghouls were my favorite look for the band, didn’t like Papa 3 losing the hat and not crazy about the Cardinal’s look either, if he were just some creepy old dude then it’d be fine but considering he’s supposed to be a cardinal from the same satanic clergy that brought us the papas and he’s dressing in snazzy suits, it just takes away from the cult element IMO

  • Robin
    Robin Hace 2 años +627

    His voice really doesn’t fit him, I love it

    • UH OH
      UH OH Hace 4 meses +2

      @Green Ghoul CEB
      And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    • Anej R
      Anej R Hace 10 meses +12

      I actually would say it fits him in costume, reminds me even more of a creepy undead priest. You know in films and games where there is the choir heard singing and they are all undead or shit like that and it's creepy af.

    • dani spina metal
      dani spina metal Hace 11 meses +9

      @Green Ghoul no, he has the voice of a demon when demons do clean vocals

    • Green Ghoul
      Green Ghoul Hace un año +111

      That's Ghost for you, Papa looks like a demon but sings like an angel

  • Ian Rich
    Ian Rich Hace 3 años +2357

    Ghost is more addictive than cocaine

    • Jeff Carr
      Jeff Carr Hace 4 meses

      @Papa Emeritus IV too each his own diamond far supierior tho

    • Papa Emeritus IV
      Papa Emeritus IV Hace 4 meses

      @Jeff Carr ghost is my favorite band

    • Papa Emeritus IV
      Papa Emeritus IV Hace 4 meses

      @Jeff Carr more addictive than cocaine. Becauce cocaine is very addictive, and that's bad. Ghost is addictive to, Im addicted to this band, but that's a good thing

    • Jeff Carr
      Jeff Carr Hace 4 meses

      @Papa Emeritus IV you wish what was ?

  • Nita
    Nita Hace 2 meses +29

    He has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard

  • Felix Not a cat
    Felix Not a cat Hace 2 meses +12

    I discovered Ghost a bit more than a week ago and I'm totally obsessed with them

    • Olivier Bertrand
      Olivier Bertrand Hace un mes +1

      Better late than never! Welcome to the obsessive world of Ghost. Been here for so long (2014) and I’m still hooked

  • Harbinger
    Harbinger Hace 2 años +225

    i remember being a kid and seeing Ghost by the first time on RockInRIo years ago and getting scared seeing Emeritus II.Who knows years later i would be addicted to it....

    • Mr A
      Mr A Hace un año +1

      @Harbinger wait he didn't though lol it's his own children, the nameless ghoul killed them

    • Mr A
      Mr A Hace un año

      @Arjun Muraleedharan I think so, but I think he's still gonna be part of the chapters in a way, maybe his funeral and then yeah I don't know lol😂

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger Hace 2 años +9

      @Arjun Muraleedharan sadly (or thankfully,since he killed the other papas) hes gone.

    • Arjun Muraleedharan
      Arjun Muraleedharan Hace 2 años +3

      Is Papa Nihil actually gone?

  • awana
    awana Hace 2 meses +1

    o riff dessa me quebra muito os caras sao simplesmente uns gênios da indústria

  • MrThrashmetal13
    MrThrashmetal13 Hace 6 años +2114

    i really dont understand why Ghost are hated by alot of people. from a musical and visual standpoint, they are one of the most important bands of the 21st century.

    • Mr. MegaGenesis
      Mr. MegaGenesis Hace 21 un día

      Because people are too stupid to understand homage or parody.

    • Kelly Guseman
      Kelly Guseman Hace 2 meses

      I agree fully

    • Joseph Fish
      Joseph Fish Hace 7 meses

      Cuz this comment is 5 years old... this video is about 8 years old at this point. The first 2 records plus the EP were pretty sick. Then they just got weirdly poppy, and not playing waltz beats like this song and doing interesting things. Now they're just kidzbop with robes.

    • Loki Claus
      Loki Claus Hace 9 meses

      @Chris No. That would be Islam.

  • Butcher's Blade
    Butcher's Blade Hace 7 meses +13

    This video has yet to be topped. Still my favorite.

  • Tanya V.
    Tanya V. Hace 4 años +28

    Two days ago I listened to Ghost for the first time, I had seen some photos of the band but I was "closed minded" haha and I felt intimidated but curious at the same time...
    And finally I listened to this song and I fall in love with the sound, the visual part and that voice...what a beautiful voice!!! and what a dark-magnetic presence...I´m glad that I discovered such an amazing and hypnotic band...

  • Edivaldo Freitas
    Edivaldo Freitas Hace 7 meses +11

    Minha única tristeza é que descobri essa banda em 2021, é como dizem, antes tarde do quê nunca.

    • Vicente Gonçalves Campos Neto
      Vicente Gonçalves Campos Neto Hace un mes

      Deve ser fda gostar de rock e não ouvir em vida os álbuns do ghost. Aquele infestissuman é do krl. E foi só apurando o som. Infelizmente não curti mt o álbum novo, meio destoante com os sons anteriores.

  • Abisheka Mahanama
    Abisheka Mahanama Hace 4 meses +68

    I wholeheartedly miss this version of “Ghost”😢.

    • Ned
      Ned Hace un mes

      @DerSteppenwolf1979 I only liked a few songs from the new album. I really hope the next album is Heavier.

    • DerSteppenwolf1979
      DerSteppenwolf1979 Hace un mes +1

      me too. The new album really isnt working for me

    • David Silva
      David Silva Hace 2 meses +4

      Dont get me wrong, I love IMPERA, but it really has made me appreciate Infestisumam in particular.

    • musashihumar
      musashihumar Hace 2 meses +4

      Yeah, I do too. But I get that they can't keep doing the exact same thing over and over again. Oh well. At least we can always go back to the old albums whenever we want.

    • Allan T
      Allan T Hace 2 meses +9

      me too man :( the dark sinister look/sound vibe

  • Smokeyfish
    Smokeyfish Hace 2 años +77

    0:39 A master class in how to make something look and feel heavy as shit while not using any of the modern crutches (Screams/growls, blast beats, drop tuned guitars, etc.)

    • Jasen Georgiev
      Jasen Georgiev Hace 6 meses

      CRUTCHES. You called those things crutches! That's ballsy - I know metal fans that would get really mad at that.
      I respect your balls.

    • Renegade 80
      Renegade 80 Hace un año +1

      Oh the opening is menacing as hell

    • schnabulator
      schnabulator Hace un año

      look heavy? wat.

    • DownInFlames85
      DownInFlames85 Hace 2 años +2

      Absolutely agree.

  • Repo Crone
    Repo Crone Hace 3 meses +3

    This song is like climbing back into the womb. This was my first ghost song ever. I'm nearly in tears listening to it just for the love of it.

  • Aurora Colombo
    Aurora Colombo Hace un año +1374

    I'm gonna tell my grandson this was "One Direction"

    • Art Escajeda
      Art Escajeda Hace 18 días

      Please be sure to remind him to tell his grandson...and their grandsons...and their grandsons...
      -Nine Millennia.

    • Fleetway_7483
      Fleetway_7483 Hace 21 un día

      That is your ticket into the kingdom

    • birdehh
      birdehh Hace 25 días


    • TheMaidofMiddleEarth
      TheMaidofMiddleEarth Hace 26 días

      Gonna tell mine this is Black Sabbath.

    • Bean Biscuit
      Bean Biscuit Hace un mes

      This literally makes no sense

  • Josiah Rives
    Josiah Rives Hace 8 meses +10

    Ghost is so ahead of their time, this will be popular in the 60's

  • The Count
    The Count Hace 5 años +3987

    I like how this is filmed like some weird home video. It's as if someone found this tape in their attic and decided to put it up on ESclips.

    • friedricengravy
      friedricengravy Hace un mes

      The Doors televised performance. A nod including the organ sonically spotlighted riff.

    • Karolos Black
      Karolos Black Hace 3 meses

      @Vagabond Pictures Dude I checked it out and now I got LSS because of how catchy the song was! Lmao.

    • lots of fun
      lots of fun Hace 4 meses

      It reminds me of hammer horror/60s/70s style filming. That cult horror time. I keep expecting Vincent price to walk on lol

    • Raul Jr
      Raul Jr Hace un año +1

      Remembers a lot of the Paranoid clip.

    • edward tidwell
      edward tidwell Hace un año

      The Count It kind of reminds me of This old variety show called The Lawrence Welk show.

  • Perla Michell Arcos
    Perla Michell Arcos Hace 3 años

    Me encanta ! ♡

    PIRATA Hace un año +14

    Realmente o visual da banda é 👍. A música também é 👍. Foge do estilo tradicional, legal.

  • Jill Reynolds
    Jill Reynolds Hace 2 meses +1

    My favorite Ghost song!!!

  • Janson Galeas
    Janson Galeas Hace 2 años

    Me gusta 🎤🎧🎤🎻🎻🎻🎵

  • kloggmonkey
    kloggmonkey Hace 4 años +337

    the cheap public service quality works beautifully! i could imagine seeing this on the telly in the middle of the night as a kid and be genuinely terrified.

    • neuralmute
      neuralmute Hace 2 años +2

      @SoggyLiquid Exactly! I'd end up obsessing, and trying to learn as much about it as I could, and probably end up hooked for life. In the best way possible.

    • SoggyLiquid
      SoggyLiquid Hace 2 años +4

      Damn my man. That is Probably the best way of putting this video into words. And personally I most likely wouldn't get nightmares per say, but It would sure as hell give me a chill down the spine as a young lad.

    • José Manuel Pizaña Rojas
      José Manuel Pizaña Rojas Hace 2 años

      Hftgfgff de la historia de la historia de la historia de la historia de la historia de la historia de la historia de la historia

    • kloggmonkey
      kloggmonkey Hace 2 años +2


  • insertaunnombreaqui
    insertaunnombreaqui Hace un año +13

    1:37 love when the bass go on its own thing

  • Claudia Macedo
    Claudia Macedo Hace 2 meses

    sempre será meu vídeo favorito

  • Djani Marshn
    Djani Marshn Hace 8 meses +1

    This video is so simple and so genius! In this era when everyone expect flashy cut scenes and shaky cam this is so old school and yet so refreshing.

  • Shawn Imhoff
    Shawn Imhoff Hace 4 meses +1

    Sick guitar solo 💯🔥🔥🎸

  • Jocelyn Juarez
    Jocelyn Juarez Hace 3 años

    Me gusta mucho Ghost.❤👀

  • ttobiko x
    ttobiko x Hace un año +1

    omg, como me encanta este video ❤

  • grey
    grey Hace 4 meses +4

    Damn this song came out almost 9 years ago?! I remember I was hyped for it when I was in high school I’m getting old

  • Ken Jones
    Ken Jones Hace 8 años +349

    Wait, there are people out there who really think Ghost is satanic or trying to promote satanism? It's a schtick... a fun, effective schtick. You could subtract the visuals and make the lyrics about almost anything, and the music would still be awesome.

    • Courtney Wooten Lynn
      Courtney Wooten Lynn Hace 6 meses

      I'm a devout Catholic and I love them

    • Charlene Mack
      Charlene Mack Hace 9 meses

      Your comment is 7 years old!!! Happy August 29, 2021!!!

    • Charisma O
      Charisma O Hace 3 años

      Ken Jones that’s what Marilyn Manson was - shock rock.

    • Josh-oo, the Shape-Shitting Master of Dogshit
      Josh-oo, the Shape-Shitting Master of Dogshit Hace 3 años

      @beatlesrgear All Catholics are christians, but not all christians are Catholics. Roman Catholicism is Christianity. Just like evangelism and mormonism and seventh day adventism and any other sections you can think of.

    • Alex Tennis
      Alex Tennis Hace 3 años

      That’s right, it’s all an “act”. They aren’t trying to Trojan horse Satan into your life through catchy songs and religious imagery.. nothing to see here folks.

  • Dheiciane GutemberG
    Dheiciane GutemberG Hace 2 años

    Mas eu amo essa musica 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻❤🇧🇷

  • Denilson Leite
    Denilson Leite Hace 2 años +6

    Belíssima está música ❤🤘

  • King Kokko
    King Kokko Hace un año +67

    I love the part at 1:38 when it zooms in on Papa's face and the lighting changes so you can't see his eyes. He looks so badass and creepy

  • LolzImLaini !
    LolzImLaini ! Hace 3 años +8

    I'm 11 and Ghost is my favorite band ever! Yes I'm quiet small in age but these guys are seriously my life!

  • Nothing Less
    Nothing Less Hace 5 años +641

    You know that the fog is here omnipresent
    When the diseaser sees no cure
    You know that the fog is here omnipresent
    When the intents remain obscure
    Weave us of mist
    Fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows
    Unfathomable wall-less maze
    A secular haze
    You know that his son is near omnipotent
    When she sees eye to eye with spears
    You know that his son is near omnipotent
    When youth and innocence disappear
    Forever lost
    Weave us of mist
    Fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows
    Unfathomable, wall-less maze
    A secular haze
    He is divinity omniscient
    Seeing the world revolve with spite
    The surge of humanity oblivious
    To the divine bringingeth light
    Let there be night
    Weave us of mist
    Fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows
    Fog weaver

    • micmac274
      micmac274 Hace 2 años +3

      Christianity has treated indigenous people terribly and been used as an excuse for genocide too often for me to consider it good.

    • PAPITOFLOW 6969
      PAPITOFLOW 6969 Hace 2 años

      @burntvirtue It's Very Real & You're A Fool For Not Believing It

    • burntvirtue
      burntvirtue Hace 2 años +3

      @PAPITOFLOW 6969 You can't honestly still believe that religious mythology, and customs are real...can you?!

    • William Erickson
      William Erickson Hace 2 años +2

      @PAPITOFLOW 6969 It's just theatrics, dude! Chill.

    • William Erickson
      William Erickson Hace 2 años +5

      It's "weave us A mist", not "OF mist"
      Also you forgot the ending:
      Come mist eternal
      Come mist eternal
      Come secular haze
      In case you were wondering, I have the lyrics booklet in front of me. One of the benefits of purchasing a physical copy of the album.

  • theredbaron057
    theredbaron057 Hace 2 años +660

    Ghost has been around for centuries, we just didn't know it

    • chris weaver
      chris weaver Hace un año +21

      The bloodline has not been broken for nine millennia. My father was Papa, his father, his father's father, his father's father's father, his father's father's father's father's father... His father... - Papa Nihil

    • Nouman fastbowler
      Nouman fastbowler Hace 2 años


    • ON SLIMe
      ON SLIMe Hace 2 años +14

      @Ali Pie Concept behind their image is eternal, that's genius as fuck.

    • José Maria Filho
      José Maria Filho Hace 2 años +21

      They are before chirst 😇

    • Ali Pie
      Ali Pie Hace 2 años +3

      One century

  • Shawn Imhoff
    Shawn Imhoff Hace 4 meses +1

    Sick sound 💯🔥🎸💀

  • Justin McGuffee
    Justin McGuffee Hace 5 meses +2

    The vocals here almost reminds me of some of Opeth's mellower moments, really dig it.

  • Serdar Harman
    Serdar Harman Hace 7 meses +7

    Underrated basslines!!

  • Aradia Phoenix
    Aradia Phoenix Hace 6 años +435

    I discovered them two months ago and now I think thats the best band in the world.

    • Riotdrop
      Riotdrop Hace 5 años +1

      nice pic bruh

    • Ashley Mills
      Ashley Mills Hace 5 años +3

      I discovered them on a Monday afternoon, by Tuesday I'd booked a ticket to see them on the Friday in Norwich, best band I've seen live

    • Shark Bastard
      Shark Bastard Hace 5 años +4

      I discovered them last week. I'm on the same boat.

    • Jeff thomas
      Jeff thomas Hace 5 años

      Zombiewerewolfunicorn yes.

    • Janne Jacobs
      Janne Jacobs Hace 5 años +7

      Found them 10 minutes ago and I already think the same

  • Laura Harris
    Laura Harris Hace un año +9

    This song kills it. Classic GHOST. I love the Infest era.

  • Maiara Vieira
    Maiara Vieira Hace 2 años


  • Mara Scoton
    Mara Scoton Hace 2 años

    They are amazing! Love you guys! Ghost is perfect!

  • Ninguém
    Ninguém Hace 3 años


  • wbs
    wbs Hace 2 años +7

    Ghost - Secular Haze - Lyrics
    [Verse 1: Papa Emeritus II]
    You know that the fog is here omnipresent
    When the diseases sees no cure
    You know that the fog is here omnipresent
    When the intents remain obscure
    Forever more
    [Chorus: Papa Emeritus II]
    Weave us a mist, fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows, unfathomable
    Wall less maze… a secular haze
    [Verse 2: Papa Emeritus II]
    You know that his son is near omnipotent
    When she sees eye to eye with spear
    You know that his son is near omnipotent
    When youth and innocence disappear
    Forever lost
    [Chorus: Papa Emeritus II]
    Weave us a mist, fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows, unfathomable
    Wall less maze… a secular haze
    [Verse 3: Papa Emeritus II]
    He is divinity omniscient
    Seeing the world revolve with spite
    The surge of humanity oblivious
    To the divine whom bringeth light
    Let there be night
    [Outro: Papa Emeritus II]
    Weave us a mist, fog weaver
    Hide us in shadows, fog weaver
    Come, mist eternal, huh
    Come, mist eternal, huh
    Come, secular haze

  • Charlie Blackened
    Charlie Blackened Hace 4 meses

    Aun recuerdo cuando los conocí, fue en el 2013 en una revista mexicana.
    Tenía 19 años. Desde ese entonces no le pierdo la pista y cada que estrenan álbum me emociono demasiado. 💀🇲🇽

  • El Mikey
    El Mikey Hace 3 años +1

    I love this song

    • XD._.
      XD._. Hace 3 años

      *Tu* *tu* *tu* *tu*

    TV FÁBIO FERNANDES Hace 3 años +1

    Como é que conheci essa obra prima agora? Muito massa!

  • sem nome
    sem nome Hace 4 años +63

    Simplesmente maravilhoso, banda incrível, pena que algumas pessoas nao entendam o conceito

    • Miguel Demarque
      Miguel Demarque Hace 10 días +2

      A banda já disse várias vezes que a imagem que passam é irônica, citando que "Nós não temos uma agenda militante. Somos apenas um grupo de entretenimento." Não posso postar a fonte disso aqui, senão o ESclips deleta meu comentário, mas vc consegue achar nas seção de referências da Wikipedia.

    • Vicente Gonçalves Campos Neto
      Vicente Gonçalves Campos Neto Hace un mes +3

      @Dax Novy levy acho que é metáfora da presença do espírito santo, só que de uma forma blasfema, deturpada ao oposto, ligada as forças negativas

    • Luis Davi
      Luis Davi Hace 2 meses

      O conceito satânico?

    • Dax Novy levy
      Dax Novy levy Hace 3 meses

      e qual seria esse tal conceito, no caso a referida nevoa??

  • Clóvis De Oliveira Couto Clovisinho

    minha música preferida dá melhor banda do mundo ghost bc

  • Lazer-Moon Centaur
    Lazer-Moon Centaur Hace 3 años +2

    I can't believe I only just discovered this band. They are AMAZING and dripping with talent. Am totally addicted!

  • Sean Wechsler
    Sean Wechsler Hace 4 años +2

    This song was my introduction to Ghost back in 2013...I've been in love with their music since then. This album is still my favorite.

  • Joseph Beguhl
    Joseph Beguhl Hace 3 años

    I just love the creepy, 70s vibe from this video. And the vocals on this song are totally hypnotizing. Simply amazing

  • Julie Gogola
    Julie Gogola Hace 2 años +7

    A GREAT sound and spooky image, a DREAM band for me. And as time has gone on through the years, they keep sounding GREAT.

    • Julie Gogola
      Julie Gogola Hace 7 meses +1

      @ᴀꜱɪʀᴀʟ I usually only use the caps on words that I would stress had I been speaking right to you.
      I've seen people that use all CAPS, and that is kinda odd to me.
      Ha ha ha, so you're getting used to the caps? I guess that would make it less agonizing to read.
      I'm NOT trying to p*ss anybody off when I do it though.

    • ᴀꜱɪʀᴀʟ
      ᴀꜱɪʀᴀʟ Hace 7 meses

      Oh, Julie, Julie, u r gonna be the death of me with those caps =)) I recognized u just from the caps
      actually I think I'm starting to like it-

  • Pezcore
    Pezcore Hace 2 años +136

    i miss this style of ghost :( even the outfits :(

    • Brandon F
      Brandon F Hace un año +3

      @Savannah Wise thank fuck...they need to be heavier and darker too

    • Remember Baker
      Remember Baker Hace un año +4

      Yeah their last album was a bit of a dud, the EP with Kiss the Goat gave me hope though.

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger Hace 2 años +2

      @Bent7793 They are indeed very cool,but Infestissumam ghouls have their space in my heart.

    • Savannah Wise
      Savannah Wise Hace 2 años

      Bent7793 I agree

  • Kelly Hopkins
    Kelly Hopkins Hace un año +5

    This song must be brought back to the set list for the next tour-- it's sorely missed!

  • Scott Pietryka
    Scott Pietryka Hace 4 años +5

    So damn good! And on so many levels. From the stage set, production, & imagery to the song itself. Find something that rivals this on those levels today...........crickets is all I’m hearing.

  • Sharky Balay
    Sharky Balay Hace 3 años

    Amo a ghost❤😍🔥

  • JB Abyss
    JB Abyss Hace 4 años +1

    Love Ghost since the first time i heard them! one of the only bands i can listen to every full cd and not feel the need to change songs cause half the cd is crap keep up the good work Ghost! much love!

  • ♕Cinthia Santos♕
    ♕Cinthia Santos♕ Hace un mes +1

    One of my favorites

  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy Hace 2 años +5

    This song was my first introduction to this band back in 2014, hearing it on SiriusXm driving down the road, I was instantly curious and looked up everything about the band when i got home... These have been the BEST 5 years of my life!! Correlation? I'll let you judge

  • Michael Reffett
    Michael Reffett Hace 2 años +3

    I think this is the most unique Ghost track just sets a mood...transfixing if you will

  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn Hace 3 años

    I love how theatrical he is!! 😍 One of my favorite concerts, I was hypnotized 😶

  • MarTah93
    MarTah93 Hace 3 años +2

    The bassline in this song is absolutely mesmerizing

  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful Hace 3 años +3

    Amazing how big these guys got. I bought their first album 7 years ago or so and loved it.

  • Michael Welsh
    Michael Welsh Hace 7 años +1209

    To all the people claiming that they came into this expecting it to be super gritty black metal with blastbeats and screaming and such, and then saying these guys aren't metal because they aren't like that... you say that as if being unexpected is a bad thing. You know what I say IS metal? Anything that is rebelllious, unusual, anything that goes against the grain. And these guys definitely do, dressing like a hybrid of Immortal and Sunn0))), but sounding unexpectedly more like Blue Oyster Cult or early Black Sabbath. They are making a name for themselves and becoming famous by being unusual and interesting and going against expectations, while dozens of black metal bands are falling by the wayside into obscurity because they are generic, run-of-the-mill, same-old-same-old corpsepainted blastbeat screaming black metal, bringing nothing new or interesting to the genre.
    If you want to get ahead in the metal world, you have to be different and interesting and bring something unexpected to the genre, and Ghost sure as hell does that. So if you're angry at them for not being black metal, or accusing them of being not 'true' metal because they're not what you expected... why do you want Ghost to be exactly what you expect? Why do you want them to be generic and boring?

    • Fajar Adi
      Fajar Adi Hace 2 años

      How to pronounce Sunn o)))?

    • Red Blood
      Red Blood Hace 3 años

      @Josh Parker it's a very, VERY niche part of metal, not to sound nerdy or "uhm aktually", but it's called doom metal, or gloom metal, one of the ooms

    • Pipo Alegro
      Pipo Alegro Hace 3 años

      @Rick Eisman hahaha, nice one!

    • Rick Eisman
      Rick Eisman Hace 3 años +1

      Their genre should be Pop Evil.

    • Mordraug
      Mordraug Hace 3 años

      Ghost is a Heavy Metal band in the original, traditional sense. Were they in the 70s, they would be absolutely Heavy Metal. It bears some Psychedelic/Acid Rock influence and even some Bluesy influence. Hard Rock was considered a sub-genre of Heavy Metal back in the day and one could sometimes hardly distinguish one from the other.
      But it is always that people nowadays forget what this traditional form of Heavy Metal sounded like and compare everything solely on the heaviness of Extreme Metal. But Extreme Metal is not what Metal is only defined as and mostly the existence of Non-Extreme Metal is not regarded as much as it should.
      And even this song is a good example of it. Sure, not all of their songs are Metal, but a good deal of them are, thus they can be considered Metal.

  • Jhonny Z
    Jhonny Z Hace 3 años +1

    The first song I've ever heard from Ghost back in 2013. Since then Ghost became my most favorite band. I'll never forget the time when I first listened to them.

  • NucaCola
    NucaCola Hace 8 meses +3

    It looks like the set of a 60’s era pop rock performance in front of a live studio audience.

  • B F 2
    B F 2 Hace 3 años +1

    Music videos like this don’t come around much anymore, and with a great band like this? It’s perfect! 10/10!

  • AnxiousAndAnnoyed
    AnxiousAndAnnoyed Hace 4 años +1

    Figured I'd look up some of the bands on the rotr 2018 festival line up and I love them. The visuals and show they put on is just amazing. His voice is haunting and reminds me of a softer volbeat. Love it and can't wait to see them live!

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Hace 5 años +1464

    does anybody else think the beginning of Secular Haze sounds like it would be played at a carnival

    • Jenelle
      Jenelle Hace un año

      They were playing this song as I came through the gates at Lollapalooza. I was like WTF IS THAT?!!

    • jon hu
      jon hu Hace un año

      Sounds like the calcabrena boss from final fantasy iv

    • The Major
      The Major Hace un año

      The whole song is carnival themed.

    • ashwen
      ashwen Hace 2 años

      I can imagine hearing it when being kicked around in the zipper

    • Maxim Daigle
      Maxim Daigle Hace 2 años


  • Jamie Addams
    Jamie Addams Hace 3 años +1

    A masterpiece!

  • lucas raenck
    lucas raenck Hace 2 años +1

    I remember the first time I heard Ghost, 7 years ago, back in 2013. I was getting over my first ex girlfriend, I was devasted, and I read a post on a Metal news website, describing Ghost as a "bad, but a necessary band". And at the bottom of the post there was this video. It was like love at first sight, I imediatily fell in love with Ghost. Here I am, 7 years older, went to a live concert in 2017 and, though I still love Ghost, I miss this era, when they use to play this kind of metal. Anyway, I still love this fantastic band

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams Hace 4 años +1

    Just got introduced to this band, and now feel like I’ve been sleeping under a rock or something lol cause this is incredible! The nostalgia is real 😆

  • ChimeraBlitz007
    ChimeraBlitz007 Hace 3 años +1

    First time listening to this band. The style they are going for took me by suprised because I intially had the impressiom this was a Metal Band. I think the keyboards adds another dimension for the gloomy atmosphere they are going for in this song and bassline outfront is nice too.

  • Lloyd Nix
    Lloyd Nix Hace 5 años +412

    They have their own style, I respect that.

    • Pizza Mozerella
      Pizza Mozerella Hace 5 años +6

      @MayhemThrashDeath Why not

    • Rynihilation
      Rynihilation Hace 5 años +1

      Lloyd Nix I don't

    • Pizza Mozerella
      Pizza Mozerella Hace 5 años

      @***** Oh sorry, the op complimented this band and then you told them to stfu so I thought you were complaining about what lloyd said but I guess someone deleted some of their comments. pardon my foul language and false accusations.

    • Pizza Mozerella
      Pizza Mozerella Hace 5 años +5

      @***** Why the hell would you come to a video just to comment hate about it, smh...

  • Jaime Pacheco Jr
    Jaime Pacheco Jr Hace 3 años

    they are an awesome band seen them twice
    cant wait to see them again

  • Doctor Cranium
    Doctor Cranium Hace 2 años +1

    Ghost is actually the best and my most favorite band of all time i love them so much 💕

  • Pauline Boucher
    Pauline Boucher Hace 3 años +4

    This band is going to be huge , you can see it already, he has the most amazing voice

  • lester ksi
    lester ksi Hace 2 años +2

    That amusement park riff is genius. Like you are there and about to enter the haunted house

  • Reece W.
    Reece W. Hace 7 años +94

    Not generally the type of rock and mental I listen to, but I'm falling in love with them VERY quickly!
    It's just simply haunting, somewhat chilling and AMAZING!!

    • Charlene Mack
      Charlene Mack Hace 9 meses +1

      Your comment is 6 years old!!! Happy August 29, 2021!!!

    • Reece W.
      Reece W. Hace 7 años +20


  • alid
    alid Hace un año +12

    If my kids aren’t gonna listen to this band when they grow up, i don’t want them.

    • camila
      camila Hace un año

      Give them to me. I'd love them

  • Zee Capeta
    Zee Capeta Hace 7 meses +1

    É até engraçado lembrar como ghost foi bom.

  • Klaus Schöernemann
    Klaus Schöernemann Hace 26 días +1

    I miss that ghost era. That's what the band was when it captivated me deeply

  • Matt Ellis 6
    Matt Ellis 6 Hace 11 meses

    Good job! This is drenched in artistry!

  • Jill Reynolds
    Jill Reynolds Hace un año

    Ghost was one of my late husband's favorite bands, there for will always be one of my favorites!

  • Harry Carden
    Harry Carden Hace 3 años +4

    The reason I like Ghost is because they're mysterious and different to other metal/rock bands

  • Guitarman PlayzLoud
    Guitarman PlayzLoud Hace 4 años +4

    This song sounds like an evil carnival in a darkened city!! Love Ghost!!

  • Matheus Q C
    Matheus Q C Hace 3 años +2

    Man, do i miss those times.. being 14 and discovering this was unique. Just magical.

  • Skeletor Keldor
    Skeletor Keldor Hace un año

    This is the coolest music video I've seen in a long time. fantastic job guys!